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I'm Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, Shardik and other novels. Here for a second round! AMA!

Richard Adams here! Finally got round to putting some more of my books out as eBooks (Maia) and thought what better way to celebrate than a second AMA. As before my grandson is here to type up responses. I'll be starting in 45 minutes if all goes to plan, and answer as many questions as possible. Ask away!

If you're in the UK and want a signed copy of OneWorld's beautiful new editions of Watership Down and Shardik do come to my book signing session at Blackwell's Bookshop in Oxford this Saturday at 3:00pm.

Watership Down



EDIT: Thank you all! I have to head off now as I am quite tired, but hope to see you all again. Please check out my new eBook list if you feel so inclined. I'll see if I can pop back over the next couple of days and answer a couple more questions. Thank you again.

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