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We are comet scientists and engineers working on Philae and Rosetta. We just triple-landed a robot lab on a comet. Ask us Anything!

We are comet scientists and engineers working on the Philae robotic lander and the Rosetta mission at the German Aerospace Center DLR. Philae landed on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on November 12, 2014. Rosetta continues to orbit the comet and will escort it as it nears the Sun for at least one more year.

The Rosetta mission is the first in the history of space flight to:

  • completely map the surface of a comet,
  • follow a comet's trajectory and record its activity as it approaches the Sun,
  • land a robotic probe on a comet and conduct experiments on its surface.


  • Michael F. A'Hearn - Astronomy Professor (emeritus) and Principal Investigator of the Deep Impact mission (ma)
  • Claudia Faber - Rosetta SESAME Team, DLR-PF/Berlin (cf)
  • Stubbe Hviid - Co-Investigator of the OSIRIS camera on Rosetta at DLR-PF/Berlin (sh)
  • Horst Uwe Keller - Comet Scientist (emeritus), DLR-PF/Berlin and IGEP TU Braunschweig (uk)
  • Martin Knapmeyer - Co-Investigator of the SESAME Experiment at DLR-PF Berlin (mk)
  • Ekkehard Kührt - Science Manager for Rosetta at DLR-PF/Berlin (ek)
  • Michael Maibaum - Philae System Engineer and Deputy Operations Manager at DLR/Cologne (mm)
  • Ivanka Pelivan - MUPUS Co-Investigator and ROLIS team member (operations) at DLR-PF/Berlin (ip)
  • Stephan Ulamec - Manager of the Philae Lander project at DLR/Cologne (su)

Follow us live on Wednesday, 26 November from:
| 17:00 CET | 16:00 GMT | 11:00 EST | 8:00 PST |

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Edit: We sign off for today. Thank you for all the questions!

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