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Domo Animation Challenge Winners Announced!
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I am the RZA. Artist, musician, producer, author, and actor in Brick Mansions. AMAA.

I started off as a hiphop artist with a dream. Later, formed the world-famous Wu-Tang clan. After selling over 20 million records, I began to produce other artists, from BIG to Mary J., to Kanye… In 1999, I scored my first motion picture, Ghost Dog, which led me to become a composer. I later did music for Kill Bill, Blade: Trinity, and Afro Samurai to name a few. Working in film music led to me being discovered by movie executive Harvey Weinstein, who put me in a film named Derailed. That spawned an acting career, of which I have been nurturing for the past 10 years. My latest film, Brick Mansions, comes out this Friday 4/25 and I acted alongside the late, great Paul Walker. Trailer:

I'm looking forward to taking your questions. Victoria from reddit will be here with me today. AMAA.

Thanks everybody. I really had a good time doing this, it was my first time, and it was fun enough that I would do this again. Please enjoy the film this weekend, Brick Mansions. Rest in Peace to Paul Walker. And Wu-Tang forever.

RZA's out, bong bong.

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